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Charged with a DUI in Nevada? We can help. Take our 8 Hour NV DUI School to satisfy your court order.

NV DUI School - Nevada DUI Class
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Welcome to Nevada DUI School - Online Nevada DUI Education

Thank you for visiting our website. Our company is a DMV licensed provider for Nevada DUI Education and the course we offer is designed to help you satisfy an 8 hour Level 1 Nevada DUI court order. offers a completely online and user friendly DUI education program. 100% of the course work is done through the internet and participants are able to log on and off the program at anytime as their schedule permits. The course integrates graphics, interactive animations and videos to help users better understand DUI laws and the negative effects that drinking and driving can have on one's life.

We're not here to lecture or judge. Everyone makes mistakes. The goal of this program is to prevent future DUI offenses, save lives and protect you and other motorists from injury and jail time. We hope you enroll for our DUI School and join us in making a difference.

Nevada DUI Course Details

Our online Nevada DUI school is suited for all computer users and virtually any computer, tablet or smart phone with internet access. The course is easy to use, easy to pass and available at anytime, day or night, 24 hours a day.

The fee for this course is just $95 and is payable by credit card or debit card. This fee includes the NV DUI course in its entirety, a certificate emailed or mailed for your records and notification sent to your Nevada court upon completion.

Nevada Court Ordered DUI Education / NV DUI School

Clicking on the "Start Here" link above will register you for our Nevada DUI education program.

This course is licensed by the Nevada DMV (DUI000043983) as an 8 hour Level 1 DUI course. Completion of this course will satisfy Nevada court requirements for court ordered DUI education as part of a plea bargain or sentencing. Once you have completed the course we will notify the court via fax of your completion.